Links to Useful Sites:

Rocky Mountain Outfit

Northwest Journal

National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

Museum of the Fur Trade

Museum of the Mountain Man

Muzzleloader Magazine – In addition to being a fine magazine there is a great forum called “Campfire” where tips, tricks and knowledge are shared.

Suggested Reading: 

Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains 1846 – 1847 by George Ruxton

Life in the Far West Among the Indians and the Mountain Men 1846 – 1847 by George Ruxton

Wah-To-Yah & the Taos Trail by Lewis H. Garrard

The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle – Henry J. Kauffman

Hawken Rifles The Mountain Man’s Choice by John D. Baird

Fifteen Years in the Hawken Lode by John D. Baird

The Hawken Rifle its Place in History by Charles Hanson, Jr.

The Plains Rifle by Charles E. Hanson, Jr.

The Northwest Gun by Charles E. Hanson, Jr.

The Muzzle-Loading Rifle … Then and Now by Walter M. Cline

The Longrifle Series published by Shumway

Madison Grant SeriesPowder Horns and Their Architecture, The Knife in Homespun America, The Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch