My Favorite Rifle.

Everyone needs a favorite rifle.

Mine is a Hawken copy made by Loren “Doc” Brown. Doc is a artist of extraordinary ability. His rifles are made to the highest standards.

The fit and finish of my rifle is superb. There are no gaps in the wood to metal fit, The browning now worn from use, was deep and rich when new. I have had the rifle long enough now that when I shoulder it, the sights align quickly and naturally.

Overall I think it looks, feels and shoots just right.

Doc used a Ron Long lock , an Orion barrel with a 1-72 twist and walnut from a local tree that was hit by lightning to make my rifle.

Quality parts aside, Doc put a lot of himself in each rifle he built. I think of him every time I shoot this rifle.

I use this rifle for everything from target work at a rondezvous or a local rifle match, to hunting. If forced to have only one firearm , my Hawken would be the one. I can depend on this rifle day in or out to score a respectful group or provide food for my table.

Loading is the same no matter if I am shooting paper, a old can or out hunting.

80 grains of 2F, a .15 patch spit for lube if just plinking, bear grease if hunting and a .530 round ball. I find with this  load I need to hold a shade under at 25 yards and just a bit over past 75 yards to hit what I want. Kinda nice having just one load, less to worry about.

This rifle gets lots of attention when we go to a event or a shoot. I use it to demonstrate what a Hawken rifle from the 1840’s would look like.

Having a real Hawken rifle from then would be great, but since the last one I saw for sale sold for almost what I paid for my house , Doc’s rifle will have to do.

Here are some pictures, I hope you enjoy them.


Hawken with shooting bag, Christopher Johnson knife and jacket.

Overall view of right side.

Me, doing my best to hit a gong on the trail walk.