The Annual Wyoming Trek

Andy and Dave departed this morning for their annual Wyoming rendezvous adventures. Riverton for the 1838 Rendezvous this week and the Green River Rendezvous (Museum of the Mountain Man) in Pinedale next week. After that they have a couple of alternatives for the route home that include stops at various historic places and museums.

I’ll update this post as they update me, and hopefully they remember to take photos.

Summer 2015 Road Trip: Museum of the Mountain Man

The guys are on the road and having a grand time.

On the way to the 1838 Rendezvous in Riverton, Wyoming, they detoured to Pinedale to visit the Museum of the Mountain Man.  Not only did they visit, they became part of the display.  They will be back tomorrow (Tuesday June 30th) until 2:00ish, when they will depart for Riverton.    (photos borrowed from the Museum of the Mountain Man Facebook page)